I just received a huge packet of thank you notes in response to my visit with Manatee Middle School 7th graders. Here are a few of the fun quotes:

"When you first started reading the book, I was hooked in the beginning. When you stopped reading the beginning , I'm just like NOOOOO, keep reading!!!!" I love the book."

"I just started reading and can't put the book down. Even though I just started reading the book, I still can't wait for the second book."

"I like it so much. I read the Shark Whisperer every night when my big brother close the lights I put a bookmark then go to sleep."

"Your book is on the top 10 list of my favorite books."

And here's one that make me especially happy that with the help of sponsors we were able to give students books.

"I really enjoyed it (the field trip to Rookery Bay and presentation). Thank you for the book. I'm really grateful for it because now I own my first book ever."


03/23/2015 12:22am

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