Some happy new readers after my talk last night. Dive in kids!



I’m a teacher of a Sunday School in our church, but even though just only in a church and have a specific day and time I know the feelings, if your students are very bright and obedience. I can say kids are very attentive whenever they like your teaching, active and gentle. So teachers like we need to get their feelings so they may listen to us and obey whatever we want to teach them.

09/14/2015 1:09am

It’s always been a nice experience for me to learn with fun. I have visited many schools and found different method of learning but the way that Key Biscayne Community School offers is admirable.


Being a teacher I like fun-filled learning activity. It provides major help to student to do their work with flexibility and raise the chance of unforgettable learning.

09/24/2015 4:52am

That was an really impressive post and i appreciate that.


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