For me, the ocean holds my curiosity and passion. I have always had an extreme fascination for misunderstood predators, and sharks are the most misunderstood predator of them all. What’s not to love about a sleek body, inquisitive eyes, uniquely made teeth all wrapped into one animal? Sharks are jaw-some!

However, despite the importance of sharks in the ecosystem, their numbers are drastically dropping due to many preventable things-- bycatch, habitat degradation, tourism, sports fishing, shark finning, etc.

The basis of all learning starts at schools… so, I figured why not have teachers integrate shark education and conservation into their curriculum? Thus, Sarasota Fins was born! This program reaches out to local schools (via personal visits) and national/international institutions (via Skype Classroom) to provide easy access materials to use in their classroom.  This includes shark games, interactive shark “contests” and “Ask the scientist” questions, a featured “Shark of the Week” (or skate or ray, since those are basically just flattened sharks) and more! 

Sarasota Fins strives to give students a new perspective about sharks and their importance to environmental balance. The long-term goal is to make Sarasota Fins a true nonprofit organization that can expand internationally and bring more scientists (and sponsors!) aboard.

Sarasota Fins hopes to convert many shark advocates as possible!

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PS Melissa is a fan of The Shark Whisperer



04/15/2015 7:16am

Read the book as a participant in Sarasota Fins Penny's book club, adorable! Great resouce, story for educators and children.


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