Deep sea exploration revealing amazing creatures and wowing scientists. We've mapped the surface of the moon and yet alas, have done so much less when it comes to the ocean, which covers more than two-thirds of our planet and sustains us. Check out this cool video.


07/31/2015 12:58am

The wonderful creatures of the deep sea are testament that there is life down under. And it is really up to us whether we want to preserve that life. The many book resources available to us are actually sufficient to help us understand the importance of preserving deep sea life. It is also paramount that we protect that life no matter the push of some sectors to explore the deep sea for development purposes. Mankind has a responsibility and that responsibility should be taken seriously. Educating all people on the importance of maintaining a balanced in the world is of utmost importance.

09/16/2015 12:26am


10/07/2015 11:24am

Thank you for sharing this information with us, I am working in Atlantis Bali Diving as a travel agent. There are so many lesser known animals in the depths of the ocean that we hear little or nothing about most times, it is interesting to investigate a few of these creatures and understand them a little more.


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