Project Description

Some of the fun things that happen to Tristan and his friends are based on my own adventures while working as the director of the marine laboratory that was once on Lee Stocking Island.

– the pilot of the plane really did offer to do a roll on a flight to the island. Of course, I said yes. I don’t think the other passengers were very happy when we rolled……

– another pilot once played a joke on me saying that the runway looked too short. I always thought we were going to clip the trees coming in.

– upon landing on the beach on one of the nearby small islands, a group of brown iguanas ran out of the bushes at us.

– I once jumped off the dock into the water with three lemon sharks. They swam curiously by me and then took off.

– because of the salty air, our van fell apart daily and was converted into a pickup truck with wooden benches in it.

– and as I mentioned at the end of the book, we explored the local caves, stromatolites, ooid sand waves, and beautiful coral reefs. It was all fantastic!