Coming May 2016 the next book in Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians!

Stingray City!!!!

The Shark Whisperer named a finalist in the 2015 USA Best Book Awards, Children's Fiction!

Check this video out. Big shark surrounded by small fish groupies! Very cool.

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Here I am reading and answering questions while diving in Georgia Aquarium's giant tank. Moments later the whale shark smacked me on the head with its tail! Not too hard luckily, I think it was jealous of all the attention The Shark Rider book and I were getting! 

Photo by Addison Hill

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Tons of fun over the weekend for kids at Shark Con in Tampa, FL. Gave a talk and did a book signing. Great audience, kids were so cute and all loved sharks! 

Also, got to say hello to some Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians fans. Thanks for your support, love ya!

And….just got the first round of edits for Book #3, Stingray City…it's looking great, comes out next May.

PS Thanks for all the fantastic reviews on amazon and elsewhere…keep em coming!

Check out the newest fan video about The Shark Whisperer from Nicholas. Heard he and his mom had fun filming in front of the sharks!!

See the video and what the sharks did and what the kids asked!!!

Or go to:

For years scientists have pondered how octopus could be masters of camouflage when it was discovered that they appear to be colorblind. Huh?

Researchers now think that octopus have color sensing capabilities in their skin - So Cool!

Check out this awesome article in the NY Times about the research!